Business To Business Trade Solutions

Save time and money by sending your requests for buying, selling, looking for services, partners, businesses to businesses interested in what you have, or in what you are looking for, simply creating the “social network” of those businesses which share the same domain of activity.

Understanding How Business Trade Solutions Connect To You

Global B2B Marketplace

Upgrading or downsizing your business? You will find all the necessary equipment for the right price whether you are looking from a buyer or seller standpoint. Also, you'll get all the special sales of the big box stores right when you need it!

If your business want to sell something, why post on a regular classifieds site where interested parties have to search through millions of ads just to find yours? You have tried the others, now it is time to put Business Trade Solutions to work for you.

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Key Features of B2B Online Marketplace

  • Post Ads Directly To Businesses
  • Receive email notifications when new items in your area of interest are added
  • Quickly buy & sell products in your area of interest
  • Find businesses that need your surplus, or other unneeded equipment